Snow Show
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The Snow Show 2002-2004 Art and architecture event in Rovaniemi, Finland
The Snow Show explored issues related to Art and Architectural investigation by creating works from the ephemeral materials of snow and ice. An artist was partnered with an architect and invited to develop a work together - this dialogue created a bridge between the worlds of art and architecture. The idea was conceived in 2000 by the independent curator Lance Fung. Hollmén-Reuter-Sandman Architects were invited to participate and were partnered with the visual artist Robert Barry.
Lanterns of Ursa Minor
Five meditative spaces, each accommodating one person, each exuding the distinctive scent and taste, acoustics and intimacy of ice and snow. The miniature scale of the world of ice was brought close for discovery. The five ice lanterns were each linked to the northern sky by the light of the five named stars in the constellation of Ursa Minor, as projected on Rovaniemi at 8 pm on 10 February 2004.

The building technique of these lanterns was in principle the same as when you make small ice lanterns with buckets of water. The mould is filled with water and left out to freeze, until it can be reversed and emptied.

Our lanterns were not reversed for obvious structural reasons; they were emptied in place by making the entrance. A few experiments with a 1:2 model were needed before a suitable technique was found - and as far as we know, this has never been tried in such a scale before.

The word carved in each lantern was designed by the American artist Robert Barry.